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Blake Jones is a gigantic fan of movies, music, television, animation, comics, and toys. These passions swirl about in his head not only serve as a source of joy and entertainment, but also as inspiration that helps bring hyper focus to the work generated.

Before starting Off Beat Enterprises, Blake spent six years as a fine art print maker ranging etching, silk screen, and commercial printing for graphics, signs, banners, and limited editions before becoming the Creative Director at Acme Archives LTD. During his tenure he collaborated with some of the world's most talented creatives and expanded the Dark Ink Art brand. Representing world class brands and being a brand steward for the collectible art market.

After Acme Archives, Blake worked with Quantum Mechanix to create licensed consumer products for more of a mass market approach. Working in soft goods, hard lines, and working to establish the company as a lifestyle brand.

As a visual artist and creative, Blake is constantly inspired with new ways to introduce collectors, artists, and brands to the new contemporary movements. Off Beat is an extension of his work over the past decade, built around quality, fairness, and innovation.

Find him on LinkedIn, or keep up with new projects here and on Incendium.

Blake continues to share on his Blog, and lives with his wife Laura, dog Indiana, and cat Magneto in Los Angeles, CA.

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