New Year - New Opportunites

Hello again everyone!

Happy New Year, hope everyone had a safe and fun one this go round. With a new year comes new opportunities. As we close out the last year will be adding a merch section as well as a new website on the horizon. We are starting up a new brand that will be coming soon so please stay tuned to this section as I will be posting the url in the coming weeks. Planing a few small releases to make way for a Q3 capsule collection. 

As this last year closes some big things to mention that we have been able to work on were some big franchises that are always fun. Working with Incendium LLC, an up and coming design firm, which allowed us to work with and help design/execute new product lines for Iron Maiden under the Legacy of the Beast banner. Check it out at your local Hot Topic, Entertainment Earth, and more retailers soon! These range from Blind Box Figures, Window Box Figures, keychains and more. 

We are also working out some details for upcoming new product lines, planning some releases, new IP and more! 

If you have a new product line you're looking to launch and need some help on figuring out your best method, we would be happy to help! 

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